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Wer kann mit bestimmte Skates empfehlen? Wie bremse ich an besten? Skateschulen? Alles, was ihr sonst so übers Skaten fragen bzw. wissen wolltet...

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Sammelbestellung möglich!

Beitragvon BrummelH » 16.04.07 21:16

Sorry, war ein Irrtum, keine Sammelbestellung. Gruß Rainer
Keep on rolling ;-)
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Beitragvon Userosus » 29.11.17 23:37

<a href="">Lisa Fernandez Ejected UCLA Vs Texas A&amp;M - YouTube</a><br />Assistant Coach Fernandez ejected from game after a controversial play at home plate left two injured, and a heated Fernandez goes off and makes contact with...<br /><a href="">Chris Pronger was Hart Trophy-winning defenseman - YouTube</a><br />Towering, physically dominant player first defenseman to win Hart Trophy since Bobby Orr, won Stanley Cup with Anaheim<br /><a href="">No Music...Police Vs Rockets Plus Recklessness - YouTube</a><br />We turn and chase down a cbr 1000rr and he leads us into reckless driving tickets. Two of us are wearing jackets...also the 1000rr guy. And only the guy with...<br /><a href="">Top 10 Sports Careers Cut Short - YouTube</a><br />We will never know how good these guys could’ve been. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Sports Careers Cut Short. Subsc...<br /><a href="">Pronger runs over Toews, Kane 6/2/10 - YouTube</a><br /> Quick Pick: It was vintage Chris Pronger in Game Three. Pronger runs over Blackhawks superstars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane in the first and thir...<br /><a href="">Ghost Rider - The come back ! | 353 Km/h | Wheeling - YouTube</a><br />Voici ghost rider qui est de retour avec une nouvelle performance ! Un wheeling a plus de 353 Km/h sur les autoroutes de Suede ! HAVE FUN ! 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Police chase bikes, incredible drifting HD - YouTube</a><br />Drifting trought heavy corners on country road<br /><a href="">Kid hits homer during an intentional walk - YouTube</a><br />Hits a walk-off HR while being intentionally walked by Sonoma Valley. Benicia All Stars win 12-2. (It is a walk off because of the mercy rule.)<br /><a href="">Flyers vs Penguins: four fights in the second period. 20 january 2015 - YouTube</a><br />Welcome to Flyers TV! This channel is supported by Philadelphia Flyers fans and offers the most recent game reports and videos from the Official Team website...<br /><a href="">I had to... - YouTube</a><br />I couldn't resist it, 50cc two strokes annoy me. (The Drift's lens was a bit smeary btw)<br /><a href="">Thug Life - Bicycle Driveby - YouTube</a><br />unexpectedthuglife<br /><a href="">Careless Tailgater gets instant justice - YouTube</a><br />Hey everyone. 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I filmed this using my Drift GHOST camera and not with a G...<br /><a href="">Super car driver idiots [NO pics, only videos] - YouTube</a><br />I got bored with all the &quot;super car crashes&quot;-videos here on YouTube that only contained PICTURES, CRAPPY MUSIC or/and clips of pure racing cars on official r...<br /><a href="">Ghost Rider 5 - Police Escape - YouTube</a><br />Clip from the movie Ghostrider 5 Back to Basics How to Escape with a Car from the Police or better: How not get FUCKED from Cops!<br /><a href="">NHL Mic'd Up - Chirps / Trash Talk Compilation Part IV [HD] - YouTube</a><br />Yea, I think it's time.<br /><a href="">Car Vs Motor Bike Roadrage - YouTube</a><br />Car vs motorbike altercation<br /><a href="">The Most Unsportsmanlike &amp; Disrespectful Moments in Football - YouTube</a><br />The Most Unsportsmanlike &amp; Disrespectful Moments in Football ft.cristiano ronaldo,Lionel Messi,Patrice Evra,Paul Pogba and more.<br /><a href="">Kid get roasted for having bad haircut - YouTube</a><br /><br /><a href="">Top 10 NHL Fastest Skaters Ever - YouTube</a><br />For full breakdown, fan voting and more, visit - ... ters-ever/ Comments, likes and most importantly SHARES m...<br /><a href="">Angry Motorcycle Rider - YouTube</a><br />I dont think he likes that i cut lanes.. lol Also thinkinh he thought i said cunt, and not &quot; its cold &quot; :) all good fun. the punches dont hurt cause of the p...<br /><a href="">Top 5 Greatest Goals By Goalies of All Time | NHL - YouTube</a><br />Top 5 Greatest Shootout Goals of All Time -- ... nlbclxAEr4 Top 5 Greatest Saves of All Time -- /><a href="">Stupid guy hits girlfriend! - YouTube</a><br />Contains strong language. ---check out the stupid guy's website. ---check out his youtube channel.<br /><a href="">Artem Anisimov Goal Celebration Incident [Full Video] 12.08.2011 - YouTube</a><br /><br /><a href="">Shawn Thornton - Trash Talk and Funny Moments [HD] - YouTube</a><br />Mic'd up trash talk from the wise cracking Shawn Thornton. I own nothing.<br /><a href="">Kyle Busch Unsportsmanlike call 2 lap Penalty how it all Started Texas Sprint Cup Race 2010.mpg - YouTube</a><br />Kyle Busch Unsportsmanlike call 2 lap Penalty how it all Started Texas Sprint Cup Race 2010 whether you like him or not He sure is Fun 2 Watch<br /><a href="">Chris Pronger Career Highlights. - YouTube</a><br /><br /><a href="">Rolling Bicycle Surprise Punch - YouTube</a><br />For licensing inquiries please email us at<br /><a href="">Carl Hagelin Charging Penalty - Stars @ Rangers - 12/13/2011 - YouTube</a><br />Horrible call<br /><a href="">Kid slaps baby - YouTube</a><br />watch as this kid destroys a baby's face i am overreacting<br /><a href="">Top 10 Daredevil Stunts Gone HORRIBLY Wrong (GRAPHIC) - YouTube</a><br />Well, that wasn't how it was supposed to go. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Daredevil Stunts Gone Wrong. 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